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Trying pole for the first time?

Beginner Pole Classes

If you have never tried pole dancing before and are curious to experience it then try one of a beginner-friendly pole classes. There are many to choose from:

Beginner Pole Dance: learn a fun, beginner-friendly pole dance routine including spins, floorwork and choreography.

Beginner Pole Tricks: this classes focuses on the strength and fitness aspect of pole. Learn how to climb on the pole and perform some cool pole poses. You'll even learn how to go upside down on the pole!

Beginner Spin Pole: this class uses a rotating pole called a spin pole. Each week you'll learn a new, beautiful spin pole sequence. It's so much fun- it will feel like you're flying! 


What is Pole Fitness?

Strength. Passion. Grace.

Pole dancing or pole fitness is a combination of dance, gymnastics and contortion rolled into one seriously addictive workout. 

Pole Fitness Malta offers a variety of fun and engaging dance, strength and stretching classes to suit every shape, size and fitness level.


Pole dancing is a full body workout that will increase your strength, stamina and flexibility all while having a blast!

You don't need any experience to start- you just need to sign up, and before you know it, you'll be #addictedtopole just like the rest of us.

Sounds pretty good right?  So what are you waiting for?


Empower yourself to be stronger, healthier and more confident by taking any of the dance and fitness classes below.


Beginner Pole (Dance):

This class focuses on the dance aspect of pole. You will learn beginner level choreography, spins and floor work. Tie moves together at the end to learn a fun pole dance routine.


Beginner Pole (Tricks):

This class focuses on the fitness and trick aspect of pole. You will learn beginner level poses, skills and tricks. Condition your body and get stronger each week. 


Beginner Spin Pole:

This class uses a spinning pole! Condition your body, build up your upper body strength whilst learning different spins, tricks and choreography. At the end, we will put everything together into a beautiful spin pole flow.

All levels

Pole Handstands:

This class is for anyone who wants to learn different handstand shapes and combos on the pole. In this class you'll conquer your fear of inversions and learn how to stand on your hands with confidence using the pole to assist you. Each class will also include strength drills to warm up your core and get your mind and body ready for some seriously impressive pole moves and shapes.


Handsprings & Inversions

This class will take you through conditioning, technique and mobility exercises to build up strength for tricks such as Handsprings. Besides handsprings, this class will cover various inversions such as forearm-stands, handstands and other hips-over-head poses.


Power Pole

Challenge your stamina and put some POW into your pole practice with this energetic, strength-building pole class. Learn explosive pole moves and skills such as flares, flips, drops and tumbles. Wanna become a pole ninja? Then this is the class for YOU.


Pole Combos

Increase your stamina and learn how to tie your pole tricks together into a dynamic combo! In this class we will work on combining various pole tricks and skills together. If you attend this class regularly, you will be able to take your freshly learned skills and combine them into a full "mega-combo" by the end of the month.



Booty & Splits: 

Get ready for a serious workout! This non-pole strength & flexibility class will go through 30 minutes of booty-pumping exercises followed by 30 minutes of deep, stretching targeting the hips and hamstrings. This class will build up your stamina and help increase your flexibility for pole dance. 

All levels

Private Classes, Special events and one-on-one coaching

Want more attention and help with a particular trick? 

Or perhaps you're feeling shy and would prefer to train alone rather than in a group setting?

One-on-one coaching could be an option for you. 

I also offer private classes for events such as birthdays, hens parties and other special occasions.

To receive more information, send a Whatsapp message to 99954036.



"Marissa is an amazing, patient and skilled instructor. Her pole classes are so much fun (and an excellent workout!) Highly recommended! You seriously have to try it if you haven't already!"