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Trying pole for the first time?

Beginner Pole Classes

Want to try pole for the first time? Come to our weekly Beginner Flow or Fundamentals classes! Our Beginner Flow class will focus on choreography, spins and floorwork and you will learn a pole dance routine to a song (we do a new routine every month so try to come each week to learn the full routine). Our Beginner Fundamentals class focuses on skills and technique such as climbs, inversions and strength holds.  You can choose to come to one type of class or both!  Either of these would be the perfect start to your pole journey!

What is Pole Fitness?

Sensuality. Grace. Empowerment.

Pole dancing or pole fitness is a combination of dance, gymnastics and contortion rolled into one seriously addictive workout. 

We strongly believe that exercise doesn't have to be boring!  Pole Fitness Malta offers a variety of fun and engaging dance, strength and stretching classes to suit every shape, size and fitness level. This full body workout will increase your strength, flexibility and confidence all while having fun! You don't need to be strong or flexible to start- you just need to sign up, and before you know it, you'll be #addictedtopole just like the rest of us.

Sounds pretty good right?  So what are you waiting for?


Empower yourself to be stronger, healthier and more confident by taking any of our fitness and dance classes below.


Work on your technique and build up your strength in our Fundamentals classes. We will break down and dissect specific tricks and pole moves. We will work on one particular trick or skill set for a few weeks before moving on to a new one to ensure you progress!

Our current Fundamentals classes:

- Beginner Pole Fundamentals (static pole)

- Beginner 2 Pole Fundamentals 1 (static pole)

-Intermediate Pole Fundamentals (static pole)

-Spin Pole Fundamentals (beg-lower int)


Work on your flow! Have you always wanted to learn how to tie your pole moves together seamlessly into a beautiful routine or sequence? Our flow classes will teach you how to combine pole spins, choreography and tricks together into longer pole combos or a full routine. We will work on a routine/combo for 1 month before moving on to a new combo or routine.

Our current Flow classes:

- Beginner Pole Flow 

- Spin Pole Flow 

-Exotic Pole Flow


Flexibility &

Our current strength&flex classes:

- Booty & Splits

-Strength and Flex

- Drills for Skills

"Awesome instructors and their classes are so much fun (and an excellent workout!) Highly recommended! You seriously have to try it if you haven't already!"