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What is Pole Fitness?

Sensuality. Grace. Empowerment.

Pole dancing or pole fitness is a combination of dance, gymnastics and contortion rolled into one seriously addictive workout. 

We strongly believe that exercise doesn't have to be boring!  Pole Fitness Malta offers a variety of fun and engaging dance, strength and stretching classes to suit every shape, size and fitness level. This full body workout will increase your strength, flexibility and confidence all while having fun! You don't need to be strong or flexible to start- you just need to sign up, and before you know it, you'll be #addictedtopole just like the rest of us.

Sounds pretty good right?  So what are you waiting for? Empower yourself to be stronger, healthier and more confident by taking any of the classes below.


Beginner Friendly
Heels Option


This class will introduce you to pole fitness, covering beginner pole dance choreography, terminology, spins and strength holds. 

 Spins and climbs will help condition your body and increase your strength and flexibility dramatically in just a few weeks.

Please wear shorts as you will need skin contact on the pole for grip.


Take your dancing to new heights!

In this class we will go over more challenging spins, combinations, strength moves and tricks including some of the most popular Pole FUNdamentals: Leg hangs, various inversions, laybacks and more.

Learn how to develop some of the moves you may have learned in previous beginner pole classes and learn how to execute them effortlessly.


This open level pole class will introduce you to new beautiful spins and poses as well as choreography and floorwork. Learn how to dance seamlessly and smoothly- all on spinning mode!


 Spins and climbs will help condition your body and increase your strength and flexibility dramatically in just a few weeks. Please wear shorts as you will need skin contact on the pole for grip.


Learn how to tie your pole tricks together seamlessly and build up new combinations and sequences. Each week will be dedicated to a specific combo including pole tricks or skills you are working on.We will focus on putting already familiar tricks into fun, dynamic sequences on static pole.


Strengthen your pole moves 

and build up your trick repertoire with more complex and challenging moves.

We will break down, drill and improve some of pole's intermediate skills,  Inside and Outside Leg hang variations, Brass Monkey, Butterfly, Shoulder Mounts, Ayesha  and more.

Each week will be dedicated to dissecting one of these important pole tricks or skills so that you can advance further


Learn the best drills on the pole and floor to nail those nemesis tricks including inverts, shoulder mounts, Ayeshas and flag grips. 


Learn new exotic pole choreography. Flow through spins and floor work seamlessly to melt through any performance. Floor work, heel clacking and fancy leg work are a few hot elements we will use to transition through our combos. 


 Slide, roll and learn some acrobatic elements in this fun non-pole class! All you need is yourself, a pair of socks or heels and the floor. 

Learn new floorwork choreography each week with minimal pole. 


A short combo based class designed to help students work on their overall pole flow. This class uses elements of floorwork, basework, spins and transitions.

Heels are not required for this class but can absolutely be worn for it.


Sculpt, tone and extend your way to a stronger booty!


In the first portion of this class you'll be led through a series of tight and targeted movements that will challenge your glutes, hamstrings and core. Once you're nice and warmed up, we will move on to stretching specifically for splits.


Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art and Dance form, great for strengthening the body and building endurance. This fun, energetic morning class will combine martial arts, acrobatics, music and dance.


Achieve a beautiful backbend in this open level stretching class. Backbends strengthen and stretch our physical bodies, improve posture and release emotional tension. 

Explore the benefits of backbends whilst increasing mobility and flexibility of the spine.


Realise your body's full potential by unlocking your true flexibility. In this class, we will go over various stretching exercises and techniques targeted at different muscle groups (shoulders, back, hamstrings and hips) to gain an overall full body flexibility practice. By working on your flexibility, you will reduce muscle resistance and increase strength without even needing to add more muscle. Release tension and vastly improve your range of motion.


Skip the Friday night booze binge and do something special for your body. Reset from the week with this gentle stretching and healing class. Flow, breathe and melt through stretching sequences designed to achieve total body bliss. The class will end with a guided meditation to quiet your body and mind.


Tap into your flexibility and start your journey to achieving a beautiful, flat split. In this class you will guided through both active and passive stretches to unlock your hips and increase mobility. 



 by Pole Fitness Malta