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Pole Fitness Malta

Get fit. Feel fabulous. Have fun.

What is Pole Fitness?

Sensuality. Grace. Empowerment.

Pole dancing or pole fitness is a combination of dance, gymnastics and contortion rolled into one seriously addictive workout. 

We strongly believe that exercise doesn't have to be boring!  Pole Fitness Malta offers a variety of fun and engaging pole dance classes to suit every shape, size and fitness level. This full body workout will increase your strength, flexibility and confidence all while having fun! 

Sounds pretty good right?  So what are you waiting for? Get pole fit today by taking any of the classes below.


Join the Pole Fam


Beginner2 Pole Dance

You're getting the hang of it!

Continue to learn more challenging spins and tricks, including climbs, side climbs, inversions, leg hangs, layback and strength holds.


High Intermediate

Tie your pole tricks together!

Learn how to tie your pole tricks together seamlessly and build new combinations and transitions with already familiar pole moves.

- Scorpio (inside leg hang)
- Gemini (outside leg hang)
- Butterfly 
- Cross knee/ankle release



Exotic Pole Classes

These classes are  a favourite amongst students. We will explore different exotic elements and tricks each week- various acrobatic floor work moves, heel clacking and fancy leg work just to name a few. Tie it all together into a short choreography at the end.

Choose from the following Exotic style pole classes:


Beginner Exotic Pole: perfect for those curious to try Exotic for the first time or who want to brush up on the basics.


Exotic Tricks: work on kips, drop splits and acrobatic moves in heels

Exotic Choreo: learn a fully choreographed routine to a song


- heels



Bend. Don't break.

In this class we work on various active and passive stretching techniques to increase hip flexibility to achieve a beautiful flat split.. This class is perfect for anyone who would love to get bendier- all levels welcome!

Strength & Flex

Conditioning and Stretching

Improve your strength and flexibility. The first 30 minutes will be spent doing body weight conditioning exercises that draw inspiration from a mix of yoga, gymnastics and dance while the remaining 30 minutes of class will be focused on stretching our warm muscles.


Are handstands on your bucket list?


Exercises will be given to strengthen and mobilise the body parts needed to develop a healthy handstand practice. We will look at different ways to develop balance awareness and to find ease in your handstand. Class open to varied levels, from those looking to go upside down for the first time and to anyone looking to find that elusive balance!


Spin Pole 1 and 2

Learn how to fly

Learn various spins and sequences using a spinning pole. Condition your body whilst learning different techniques and transitions.


Spin pole is fun and challenging at the same time and can make your pole moves look even more impressive.

In Spin Pole 1, learn the very basics of spin pole. Learn pretty spins and transitions as well as lifts that will build strength.

In Spin Pole 2, you will learn how to invert and perform more challenging poses. Perfect your pole climbs and continue to build strength.

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Beginner1 Pole Dance

New to pole? Start here.

This class will introduce you to pole fitness, covering beginner pole dance choreography, spins and tricks.
Perfect your beginner spins and pole climbs and learn how to tie different moves together. 

 Pole dancing is an all over body workout that will keep you fit but is also way more fun than the boring old gym! Join other newbies and find out why pole dancing is so addictive. 

Absolutely no fitness/dance experience required! 

Intermediate Tricks

Calling all Tricksters!

Strengthen your pole moves and build up your trick repertoire with more complex and challenging combinations and dance moves.


We will break down, drill and improve some of pole's FUNdamental moves: Inside and Outside Leg hangs (Scorpio and Gemini), Brass Monkey, Butterfly variations, Shoulder Mounts, Ayesha and more.


Each week will be dedicated to dissecting one of these important pole tricks or skills so that you can advance further.

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