Beginner Trial Class:
Suitable for complete beginners

If you're curious to try pole for the first time, this is the class for you! This weekly, discounted class will give you a better idea of what we offer in our Beginner Fundamental and Flow series.


Each week we will cover a variety of beginner choreography, spins and tricks. No prior experience is necessary- this class is designed specifically for those who have never tried pole dance before. Get fit, have fun, meet other newbies and take the plunge!

Fundamentals: Focus on technique

Beginner Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of pole dance starting with spins, climbs and inversions. Each week you'll build on your skills and become stronger!

Suitable for complete beginners


Spin Pole Fundamentals

Spin pole. You either love it or hate it. If you find yourself nodding with the latter, we'd like to change your mind in this skill-based class that's all about t-e-c-h-n-i-q-u-e.

Learn how to control your speed and how to work with your momentum. We will be taking it nice and slow so that you won't get too dizzy. By the end of the series you'll be converted into a spin queen!

Suitable for Beginners or anyone new to spin pole.


Beginner 2 Fundamentals

Take your dancing to new heights! In this series you will go over more challenging spins, transitions and tricks including leg hangs, handstands and more


Intermediate Fundamentals 

Want to build up your trick repertoire? The best way to get better at anything is consistency! Each series will focus on one specific pole trick or skill for 4 consecutive weeks to ensure you build muscle memory and can progress further.

FOcus on dance & combos

Beginner Flow

This series is all about FLOW! We will be covering pole choreography, spins and beginner tricks and combine them together into a full routine. The series spans over 4 weeks and each week will be add on a new chunk of choreography. 

Suitable for Beginners.


Exotic Pole Flow

Gain confidence and embrace your sensual side! In this 4 week series you will learn exotic choreography including floor work, and movements on and around the pole. Have fun while getting in an all over body work-out (while feeling like an absolute queen).

Suitable for Beginner2 and above.


Static Pole Flow

Build your endurance and tie your dance moves and tricks together. In this series we will work on combinations, spins and choreography so that by the end of 4 weeks you will have learned a full routine complete with impressive tricks. 

Suitable for Beginner2 and above.


Spin Pole Flow

Learn how to fly with ease in our 4 week spin pole flow series! Learn a combination of choreography, spins and simple but pretty tricks. Each week will progress after the next- at the end of the 4 week series you will know a full routine.

Suitable for Beginner2 and above.

Strength & Flexibility Classes

Booty & Splits

Sculpt, tone and extend your way to a stronger booty!

In the first portion of this class, you'll be led through a series of tight and targeted movements that will challenge your glutes, hamstrings and core. Once you're nice and warmed up, we will move on to stretching specifically for splits.

Suitable for all levels.



Pure Splits

Tap into your flexibility and start your journey to achieving a beautiful, flat split. In this class you will be guided through both active and passive stretches to unlock your hips and increase mobility. 

Suitable for all levels.


Drills for Skills

Learn the best drills on the pole and floor to nail those nemesis tricks including inverts, shoulder mounts, Ayeshas and flag grips. Drills for Skills is the perfect way to get fit, strong and conditioned for pole dancing. Even if you don't pole dance, the exercises in this class will provide a challenging full body workout!


Suitable for Beginner2 and above.