First time? Join our weekly Beginner Pole Dance class
(thursdays 7pm starting Oct 7th)

If you're curious to try pole for the first time, our Beginner Pole Dance class would be the best lesson to begin with. This is currently being held on Thursdays at 7pm.

Each week we will cover a variety of beginner choreography, spins and tricks. No prior experience is necessary- this class is designed specifically for those who have never tried pole dance before. Get fit, have fun, meet other newbies and take the plunge!

Other beginner friendly classes:

-Pole Flow (Wednesdays 6pm)

-Booty and Splits (Wednesdays 7pm)

-Backbends and Splits (Fridays 8:30pm)

Pole Tricks
Focus on skills and combos

Beginner 2 Pole

Take your dancing to new heights! In this series you will go over more challenging spins, transitions and tricks including leg hangs, handstands and more.

Tuesdays 6pm starting Oct 5th


Pole Skills

Learn the best drills on the pole and floor to nail those nemesis tricks including inversions, shoulder mounts, handstands and more. This pole class emphasizes technique and progressive strength so it's encouraged to attend regularly to ensure you master each skill.
This class will focus on a particular skill set (for example shoulder mounts) every few months before moving on to a different skill set. Consistency is key!
Suitable for Beginner2 and above.

Thursdays 6pm starting Oct 7th


Spin Pole Combos

Learn how to combine different pole spins, climbs and tricks together into a beautiful sequence!
Each week, you will learn transitions and spins on spin pole. In every class you will also work towards one impressive "goal" trick which you will repeat every week (example "Inverted Eagle").
Attend regularly and you'll be able to combine your freshly learned skills into one "'mega-combo".
Suitable for Beginner2 and above.

Tuesdays 7pm starting Oct 5th


Handspring Magic

Ah, the handspring. Perhaps the most coveted pole trick around for aspiring pole dancers.
This class will take you through conditioning, technique and mobility exercises designed to help you get closer to take-off in your handspring practice.
Besides handsprings, this class will also teach different grips and entries into Ayesha and inversions. Classes will be progressive so the key is to attend regularly in order to see progress.
There are no short cuts- the magic ingredient to unlocking your handspring is dedication, patience and hard work 🤸‍♀️
This class is suitable for intermediate levels.

Saturdays 12pm starting Oct 9th


Static Pole Combos

Build your endurance and tie your dance moves and tricks together. In this class we will work on combining various tricks and skills together.

Each week we will pay particular emphasis on one or two specific skills or transitions. If you attend this class regularly, you will be able to take your freshly learned skills and combine them into a full "mega-combo" by the end of the month. 

Suitable for Beginner2 and above.

Fridays 7:30pm starting Oct 8th

Pole Dance
Focus on Choreography and learn routines

Pole Flow

This series is all about FLOW! We will be covering pole choreography, spins and beginner tricks and combine them together into a full routine over the span of a few weeks. Attend regularly to learn the entire routine. 

Suitable for Beginners.

Wednesdays 6pm starting Oct 6th


Heel Choreography

Gain confidence and embrace your inner-bad bitch!
In this class you will dive into pole dance choreography as well as acrobatic floorwork. This intermediate-level pole dance class will emphasize explosive "hard exotic" style movements and transitions including kips, flares, shoulder stands and rolls. 
You will learn a new chunk of choreography each week. Attend regularly and you'll be able to combine your freshly learned skills into a full, badass pole dance routine. 
Suitable for Beginner2 and above.

Saturdays 1pm starting Oct 9th

Strength & Flexibility Classes

Booty & Splits

Sculpt, tone and extend your way to a stronger booty!

In the first portion of this class, you'll be led through a series of tight and targeted movements that will challenge your glutes, hamstrings and core. Once you're nice and warmed up, we will move on to stretching specifically for splits.

Suitable for all levels.

Wednesdays 7pm starting Oct 6th



Backbends & Splits

Work towards a beautiful backbend and flat front split in this open level stretching class.
In this class, you will be guided through various active stretching exercises to build strength in your hips, hamstrings and core muscles- all required for achieving a controlled, safe backbend as well as the splits. 
Particular focus will be on awakening the upper back muscles and shoulders as well as strengthening your hamstrings and quads for beautiful poses such as standing splits, king pigeon and eventually, a Needlescale. 
Suitable for all levels.

Fridays 8:30pm starting Oct 8th